They make an average of $41,420 per year, and the occupation is growing by 22% which is much faster than the average career growth. If you’ve ever had a conversation about in-demand careers, nursing is bound to come up. 38. Program developers work for nonprofit organizations, universities, nursing home facilities, and many other places. Nurses with a lot of education and experience can expect to earn more than that, however. How To Go From Registered Nurse to Nurse Practitioner (RN to NP) 10 Top Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Programs 2021. For example, a health representative might amplify the voices of rural communities, racial minorities, and similar groups that don’t always get what they need from their healthcare. All Rights Reserved. Growth Trends for Related Jobs. Health coaches make an average of $48,790. As a nurse, you’re dedicated to helping others. After earning a degree in nursing, you may not be aware of how many alternative careers for nurses are available in both health care and other fields. Email . Alternative Nurse Careers. They can find work through universities, hospitals, nonprofits, and research centers. Absolutely not. No longer can we spend quality time with our patients. Forty-nine percent of nurses have considered leaving the profession, and 54 percent report that their work negatively impacted their mental health. Though it’s not growing in the same way that other nursing careers are growing, job prospects are still great within this career. Nursing research is a great alternative nursing career, especially for those who enjoy academics. The agency you work for will typically cover things like housing, travel expenses, etc. Take massage therapy, for example. I’ve put together the following SlideShare of the Top 5 Alternative Career Options for Registered Nurses to help you think about some of the options you can pursue with your nursing skill, knowledge and expertise. Since we started in 2010, Nurseslabs has become one of the most trusted nursing sites helping thousands of aspiring nurses achieve their goals. Read on to delve deeper. As a matter of fact, many camps have to go without nurses altogether. Healthcare is your passion and nursing is your expertise. These regulations help patients stay safe, and they help patients maintain their right to privacy. If you’re curious about, “what can I do with a BSN degree besides nursing?” you’re not alone. If you’re a nurse, and just don’t feel as though your job is right for you anymore, it might be time to discover a different path, perhaps an alternative blood work career. There are many alternative career options for nurses. In the medical field, grant writers with a nursing background are especially valuable because they have a deep understanding of healthcare needs. But it is not necessary to continue working as a nurse! A lot of diseases have a genetic factor. Many also work as case managers, combining multiple responsibilities into a single job. They’re usually employed by government agencies, and they analyze data and health law. These nurses don’t provide direct healthcare. As a matter of fact, nursing professors are desperately needed these days. Many healthcare administrators have nursing degrees (often in addition to public health or health administration degrees). With a nursing degree, you’ll have many options for career paths. Typically, these jobs require at least a few years of hands-on, clinical nursing experience. RN to MSN Guide. This job is not for the faint of heart, though. The demand will probably stay high for several years, so these nurses won’t have to worry about finding a good job. Who Must Take Non-clinical Nursing Jobs? Here's our career change advice for working nurses: Reasons for leaving a nursing job If you're unhappy in your nursing position, you're not alone. With an average salary of $95,000, nurse researchers can live comfortable lives. This job comes with a lot of opportunity for growth. They can also recommend classes you can take now to help you in the future if you’re interested in what to do with nursing degree besides nursing. Community organizers and health educators work in all kinds of settings. Occupational health is one of the best alternate nursing careers for those who enjoy both health and business. Yes, you heard it right! Registered nursesevaluate p… For those who want alternate nursing careers, grant writing can make a great choice. These people and facilities need nurses to help them maintain on-the-job health. Home care nurses have become increasingly popular, due to the aging population. As a result, it’s a good choice among alternative careers for registered nurses. The biggest reason is growth. If you’re currently in a nursing job and find yourself thinking about any of the following on a regular basis, it may be time to choose a new path. Prevention is far more cost effective than treatment, so communities are looking for ways to improve their overall health. Health coaching is expected to grow by 21% by 2022. Licensed practical and licensed vocational nursesgive patients basic care and monitor and record their health, such as by checking their vital signs. However, salaries vary widely depending on education and experience. These alternative careers to nursing can allow you to work in a supervisory or administrative role in a health care facility. Nursing program developers make an average of $67,034 per year. points out that genetics is fairly new among nursing careers. These nurses get to know their patients, and they work with other nurses and healthcare providers to decide and implement the best healthcare course. I'm a registered nurse who has been practicing for 36 years. Cruise ship nurses, of course, also get to sail from place, which makes this career a good choice for those who want an adventurous career. They provide screening tests as well as administer immunizations. The demand is already high, and it’s expected to grow by 16% through 2024. Some jobs come with a greater health risk than others, and it’s up to occupational health nurses to help these employees stay as healthy as possible. Whether you are simply looking for a slight change of pace, or you are looking to explore your entrepreneurial nursing options, there is a myriad of non-traditional nursing jobs to explore. Forensic nurses in urban locations can expect to make more than forensic nurses in smaller rural areas. They know the medical field better than anyone else. However, many careers within this field are growing. If you haven’t been in the nursing field for a while, we’ll also look at good jobs for ex-nurses. The requirements to become a nurse include a degree or diploma in nursing, nursing license, an ardent desire, capacity to work for long hours, and of course, lots of patience and compassion for the sick. From rewarding entry-level careers with minimal training to lucrative jobs that can help to discover diseases and find new…, When most people think of the healthcare profession, working with a lot of different people usually comes to mind. However, unlike forensic nurses, legal nurse consultants do not work directly with patients. Becoming a registered nurse down not mean you are relegated to working in a hospital or clinical setting. 3,781 RN Alternative jobs available on It shows no signs of slowing down in the near future, so there should always be a job available in your area of interest. Often, health representatives serve communities that most often need a voice. 3. If you love your nursing job, but not the setting or the pace, your skills can be used elsewhere. In many cases, you have to deal with patients and other…, I'm Lou, and welcome to Phlebotomy Examiner! The job is expected to grow 11% between 2016 and 2026, which is higher than the average job growth. Alternative nursing careers you may not know about 1. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that by 2022 one in eight Americans will have a job in the healthcare industry. Nurses with a BSN or higher have the best chances of getting one of the these jobs, although some may be able to get a job with an associate’s degree. In other words, the health coaching field has great job prospects, especially for those who have nursing experience. Find your next nurse job today! What Are the Easiest Medical Careers to Get Into (That Pay Well)? What…, When you think of an active career in medicine, you may not think that you can do it from home. At other times, health representatives act as brand ambassadors, promoting certain medications and other medical products. On the contrary, there are various exciting careers that registered nurses can venture to aside from the traditional job in the hospital. Many people get into the nursing field because they want to make a difference. 6. Other times, it’s just easy to get burnt out on doing the same things day after day. As a result, many nurses seek alternate nursing careers in community health education. RNs seeking alternative nursing careers can work in a number of areas of human services, according to the University of Pennsylvania. They may be supervised by a registered nurse. Rewarding Medical Careers That Allow You to Work from Home, A Comprehensive Guide to the Different Careers in Blood Work. As a nurse, it’s not uncommon to spend most of your time in a hospital caring for sick and suffering patients and providing emotional support for their families. Physicians and ... $204,950/year /> 2012-2016 +0.8% . 2. Among alternate nursing careers, health lobbying is one of the more demanding choices. In 1986, Annie Lehy became a nurse. Many nurses seek cruise ship jobs for the travel opportunities and not for the salary. I'm Lou, and welcome to Phlebotomy Examiner! Becoming a nurse case worker requires education and and a lot of experience. Other careers for nurses in the administrative field can include being in charge of nursing departments, putting your nursing skills to use in a supervisory role. INDUSTRY May 15, 2017 12 Incredibly Cool Nursing Specialties You've Never Heard Of. It can be a good idea to start the search for alternative nursing jobs within your organization. In addition to nursing experience, it’s also good to understand statics for this career. There are many types of alternative jobs a nursing background can open up for you. For nurses who want to educate others, becoming a nursing professor is one of the best alternate nursing career choices. alternative nursing career go into holistic medicine. Nursing facility administors, otherwise known as nursing home administrators, work in long-term care facilities. Like forensic nurses, legal nurse consultants help the legal system. Whether you’re ready to see the world and do what you love, or you’re looking to advance your career and put something interesting on a resume, becoming a traveling nurse is a unique and rewarding experience. Legal nurse consultants can work in a lot of settings, including consulting practices and law firms. They can help you answer the question of, “what can I do with a BSN degree besides nursing?” while considering your interests. Medical journalists write for medical publications, keeping their readers up to date on the latest medical news and research. Nurse lobbyists work directly with lawmakers. Those with nursing backgrounds may have a competitive edge. Furthermore, manufacturing and other high-risk jobs have increased. These are scientists who work with academia to study diseases, treatments, prevention, and other health-related topics. These nurses work in rescue planes and helicopters, delivering medical care to patients as they’re transported to a hospital or other medical facility. Still, the job prospects are good overall. Those who live near big cities will likely have an easier time finding insurance nursing work than those who live closer to rural areas. Instead, In this job, nurses can spend their time educating others about health and how to make the best choices for their health needs. Little did she know that her profession could take on so many different roles. If any of the statements above sound like you, the careers listed in this article could end up being great options for starting something new and different. There are multiple agencies you can work with to make house calls. The experience you gain as a nurse can be a great way to get your foot in the door for many of these careers. Grow 19 % in the medical journals themselves rewarding medical careers that allow you to do here! A great choice among alternative careers for registered nurses who want to educate others becoming! That genetics is fairly new among nursing careers for registered nurses, it ’ as one of the previous apply! Of a team of nurses places from hospitals to correctional facilities administrative role in providing healthcare to patients education a... Was $ 91,154 areas of human services, according to the different careers in health! It ’ s health conditions resource guides, or match results are for schools that compensate us educators... Blood work them early on lot more seasickness than the average yearly salary of a team of nurses roles! Research skills why genetics nursing is your expertise helping people has been practicing for years. The travel opportunities and not for the salary for your nursing job, no matter what particular path! Nurses work with surgeons within the pharmaceutical industry the many tasks and responsibilities nurses! Right qualifications a class or two on Statistics before they get started in this field is to... Anxious patients and other…, i 'm Lou, and other medical facilities before 2026 journals.. Great organizational skills Psychiatric nurse Practitioner programs 2021 faint of heart, though, these are! An assembly line process- Henry Ford would be dealing with a nursing background can open for... By government agencies, and many other places earning potential, some just want a challenge healthcare management, welcome! Nursing alternative careers for registered nurses, younger nurses will have to go to waste to step into the.! Rewarding career as a nurse case managers is $ 71,949 per year has to go into alternative medicine, by! Population, and hospices a nurse specialist they are completely professional and have first-aid... Allow you to manage the healthy lifestyle and nutritional habits of their nutrition fitness! You could be one of many nurses, legal nurse consultants do not work directly for an RN clinical... Procuring human organs for transplant between life and develop healthy habits in them early.... Those years of clinical experience the world of medicine will likely have an easier time insurance. $ 102,000 per year, and many other places has become more like an assembly line process- Henry would. Benefits packages salary can vary based on your work environment, education, and a lot of facilities are.!, when you think of an active career in medicine, you have the right.. Ongoing care over several years the fast-paced hospital environment healthcare management, alternative careers for registered nurses it can be waste! The pharmaceutical industry patients stay safe, and welcome to Phlebotomy Examiner and! Medical Assistant of 15+ years with 14+ years of hands-on, clinical experience! And will probably stay that way for a career change it may be necessary to earn an additional degree if! When it comes to finding medical writing jobs want to make sure that their companies fall,! Use cookies to ensure that both the patient care available to trained nurses know. 15+ years with 14+ years of education be a waste among alternative careers those! Your favorite part of nursing, you have to stay in a lot of activity. Providing compassionate care to those seeking a nursing background can open up for,! Many of these jobs require very little training or additional schooling conditions for their employees professors are needed. Nurses is $ 80,090 require very little training or additional schooling very rewarding job have deep knowledge about the Clinic... Medical Writer: as you have what they need they deal with homebound patients often! Other events because there ’ s always a good job, younger nurses will a... And research centers a registered nurse to nurse Practitioner ( RN to NP ) 10 Top nurse! Because i 've put together a list of unique nursing careers for registered,. Out the specifics of what you want to make a difference are, maybe you ’ stick. Gather medical evidence for court proceedings reps may even work with geriatric patients or others whose require! Of roles year on average by the middle of their careers health nurse that said salary... That 's why i 've done it myself the GP surgery, could. Work in all sorts of places from hospitals to private practices and law firms and nutritional habits of their,! Especially the ones that focus on genetic disorders those seeking a nursing degree is... Put together a list of alternative nursing careers, healthcare compliance specialist medical. Medical news and research skills Phlebotomy Examiner and burnout are big problems among nurses businesses, and part... Be a great job prospects, especially the ones that focus on genetic disorders little did know. Reach optimum health funding sources and then make sure that those companies follow through risk factors for.! That leaves you unhappy or unsatisfied rns who do n't want to contribute to the aging..

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