If I organize my email, I can save time.

Inbox Zero is a technique designed to help you focus on what is really important. In another post Four Tactics to Manage Emails, we discussed a little about maximizing your email time.  Here is another video that shows a few more tips on organizing your emails.


Utilize folders, categories, calendar events to organize your email.

With Inbox Zero, we revisit the principle of the One Touch Rule (OTR).  We try to minimize rework by only looking at each email as little as possible.  If we can quickly take care of an email with a quick reply or archiving it, we process it.  If it is something that will take us longer, we organize it.  This may come in the form of scheduling it on our calendar with an email reminder.  The presenter in the video describes the purpose of the email reminder is in case we miss the appointment on our calendar, the email will remind us to reschedule the task.


We can save time, there is a better way. Let us know what tips you have for Inbox Zero.